Hipster Ipsum


API Documentation

Hipsum has a JSON API that anyone is welcome to use.

Please note that we do not offer technical support for this API. Additionally, if we find that a project or user is abusing the API endpoint, we reserve the right to disallow traffic.

The current parameters for our API are as follows:


  • typehipster-centric for hipster speak only or hipster-latin for hipster speak mixed with Latin words from Lorem ipsum.


  • paras — Number of paragraphs. Defaults to 5 paragraphs.
  • sentences — Number of sentences. This parameter overrides paras, so don’t use both at once.
  • start-with-lorem Pass 1 to start the first paragraph with the totally fucking ridiculous phrase “I’m baby”.

So, for example, this cURL command will get you three whole sentences worth of pure, uncut Hipsum:

curl -s "http://hipsum.co/api/?type=hipster-centric&sentences=3" | jq
  "Taxidermy poutine post-ironic hexagon pug food truck banh mi subway tile paleo bespoke. Trust fund tilde sustainable fingerstache biodiesel adaptogen. Twee XOXO hoodie knausgaard snackwave butcher, cardigan etsy trust fund mumblecore kogi try-hard."

Easy enough, yeah?